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EEDBA Clean Rooms

The Cambridge Graphene Centre (CGC) clean room complex was omitted from the original Electrical Engineering Annexe project due to budget constraints, and the area was completed only as a shell. Clarification of user requirements, and the allocation of EPSRC research funding allowed the work to proceed as a minor project between June 2016 and May 2017.

The facility consists of two clean rooms, connected by a clean lift, with a connection to the existing Electrical Engineering clean rooms via a changing room at second floor level. The clean rooms are designed to support Class 1000 Lithography and Class 1000 Nanomaterials Synthesis, and house a range of specialist equipment including an E-beam.

The project was delivered by Estate Management with technical, cost and contract administration by AECOM and construction by Cleanroom Solutions. A further project to provide specialist lab gases was successfully integrated with the main works, and enhancements to the building’s process chilled water system were delivered shortly after.

The Building Projects team coordinated the definition and refinement of user requirements, both pre and post-contract, and liaised with the project team to ensure that the Department’s requirements were fully met.

Building Projects Helpdesk

To report any unexpected noise or disturbance from work being undertaken as part of a building project, please contact the Building Projects team as follows:

01223 (3)32882

01223 (3)32800