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Department of Engineering - Building Projects


Minor Works are those with a total estimated cost of less than £2m. Currently we manage the smaller of these projects ourselves, with Estate Management managing the larger ones. However Building Projects are in the process of getting Sites and Buildings Registration approval from Estate Management. Once we have everything in place for this we will be able to run the majority of Minor Works projects ourselves. 

Click on the left to see examples of some of the Department's current or recently completed Minor Works projects.

If you would like to put in a request for any building or refurbishment work, please complete the Building Work Request form here, and the Building Projects team will assess your application and respond with an appropriate plan of action.

Building Projects Helpdesk

To report any unexpected noise or disturbance from work being undertaken as part of a building project, please contact the Building Projects team as follows:

01223 (3)32882

01223 (3)32800